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Are you over 55?

We regularly have vacancies in older persons' housing complexes, but have very few people looking for some of this type of housing, especially first floor flats without lifts.

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22 Aug 2012 09:35

Are you a landlord or tenant who is worried about the impact of the reform of welfare benefits?

If you currently rely on housing benefit or local housing allowance payments to assist with rent payments in Swansea, you should have already been contacted by the Housing Benefit section to give you an idea about the amount of money you could be about to lose from your benefits (if you haven't already seen a reduction).

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17 Aug 2012 16:15

Coastal Housing Property to rent now...

Coastal Housing have a property available to rent now.

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18 Jul 2012 14:42

Do you have any comments on this site?

This is still a fairly new website, so we are currently in the process of developing and improving it.

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10 Jul 2012 12:01

Swansea Housing Website goes live........

Welcome to the Swansea Housing live website.

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07 Mar 2012 16:46

Housing Benefit Update

Changes to my Housing Benefit / Local Housing Allowance
The Department for Work and Pensions have introduced a number of changes to your benefits over the next few years.

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28 Jun 2011 15:33

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