Home Swaps and Tenant Exchanges

I want to move quickly, but my landlord says they can't offer me another home

If you want or need to move from your current social housing property to another property you may have already asked your landlord about a transfer. 

You may need to move to bigger or smaller properties, or you may want to move to a different area.  Depending on your circumstances, it might be difficult for your landlord to find a suitable home you to move into. 

Often the fastest way you can resolve your housing difficulties is if tyou can find another tenant willing to swap their home with yours. 

This page should give you some help and advice and some useful links about how to go about this.

What should I do before trying to arrange a home swap?

You will need the permission of both landlords before you can swap tenancies with anyone.  You will need to make sure that you have done everything that your tenancy agreement requires you to do.  If you have been a good tenant, who has looked after your property then there shouldn't be any problem getting permission. 

If you are behind with your rent you may need to pay off any arrears first (although there may be some exceptions if you are are affected by the bedroom tax).

You should make sure your home and garden (if you have one) are clean and tidy.  If you haven't maintained the garden or it is poor decorative state you may be have to bring this up to standard before you will be allowed to swap.  Your next tenant may also not want to move into your home if there is a lot of work required. 

If you have been causing annoyance to any neighbours recently, you may be refused permission to swap. 

House Swap Wales is a national website for tenants looking to move throughout Wales by swapping your social housing property with another tenant. 

Click here to view the House Swap Wales Facebook Page.

Homeswapper is for social tenants (in rented property) who want a house swap, flat swap or exchange their council house.  This is also called mutual exchange.  If you live in a council house or housing association property you can swap. 

Click here to access the Homeswapper website.

You might also want to visit their sister service, HomeHunt.co.uk, a free national web service to help find affordable rented housing from other social landlords throughout the UK.