Adapted Housing in Swansea

What if I need a home with adaptations?

If you are looking for housing with adaptations to meet your medical and mobility needs your options are:

  • Moving to a property that is already adapted for my needs
  • Arranging for adatations to my current home to meet my needs

If you need to move to a property that has already been adapted you can look for properties in the private sector that may be suitable for you.  Click here for advice on renting in the private sector.

The Council in partnership with the local housing associations also manage a register of adapted properties.  The ADAPT scheme is intended to match your medical needs with the adaptations to the property.  It is therefore difficult to indicate how long you may have to wait for the right property to become available, however you should register with the scheme as soon as possible. 

If you live in your own home (rented or owned) you should consider whether the property can be adapted to meet your medical and mobility needs.  Click here for information on financial help that may be available to make your home more suitable.