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This section of the website is aimed at both new and existing landlords to help ensure that they:

  • Have the information to hand to allow them to meet their legal obligations as landlords
  • Know where to seek advice and support in providing good quality accommodation and well managed tenancies
  • Source potential tenants quickly
  • Know who to turn to if it all goes wrong


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Survey for Landlords from the Private Rented Sector in Swansea

 We want to work with private landlords in Swansea to increase the supply of good quality, affordable housing to residents.

We are keen to better understand the issues that you face, how the Council can help and what sort of things would encourage you to work with us.We need to gather information to help us better understand the products, services or options that we should offer to encourage more private sector landlords to work closely with the Council.Please click on the link below which will open a very short survey.  The information you supply will be kept confidential and does not require you to disclose personal information.

Thank you for taking the time to help us with this important exercise.


Swansea Landlords - Forum and Events

Swansea holds a number of local landlord events. These are arranged by the Swansea Environment Department or the National Landlord Association.  Please contact these organisations direct to find out details of the next meeting in Swansea. 


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