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Glais is a small semi-rural community located just under 6 miles north of the city centre.

The council properties in this area consist of a very small number of flats and houses.

There are some local shops, Post Office and a pub in the area, along with open spaces and playing fields.

A mobile library visits the area every 2 weeks.

There is a primary school in the area and a Comprehensive School is about 2 miles away.

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Use this link for information on local health facilities.


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Did you know...

The majority of residents in Glais are homeowners. There is very little rented accommodation available.

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Glais Properties


We don't have exact figures of Privately Rented accommodation in the area but research suggests:

There is a VERY LOW availability.


Local Facilities


School     Park    

You can get more information on the area from the Swansea Council site.


You can get information on Schools in this area here.


You can get information on local Health facilities here.

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